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£46 return for every £1 spent

Lance Forman

CEO of Forman's

£150 return for every £1 spent

Viktor Muhhin

Founder of Snap It

From £1,000 revenue days to £10,000 revenue days

James Farren

Founder of AFM

Second Pair of Eyes helped us break free from agency dependency and take control of our marketing efforts. Our business has never been stronger!

Daniel is a real expert, truly one of the best out there.

Lisa, Founder, SoleBliss

Adam, Head of Sales, TopToToe

Keanu, Founder, Purify

Thousands in recurring revenue

Founder of VideoMako

Ben Graham

We uncover your marketing
potential and chart your
journey with our thorough

From consultation to
implementation, we adapt
our approach to suit your
unique needs

Growing is a process, and
we help your marketing
team during that process

This is how we do it

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Our in-depth audit pinpoints your unique challenges, opportunities, leading to a personalised digital marketing plan aligned with your goals.




Experience long-term savings by building a self-sufficient in-house team, and transform your marketing with the support of Second Pair of Eyes.

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Based on the audit results, we'll recommend the best package for your business, whether it's consulting, implementation, or a combination of both, ensuring a tailored approach to meet your specific needs.




in increased profit

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Empower your team,
reduce employee
churn, and build a
thriving, self-sufficient marketing powerhouse

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Best decision ever! Second Pair of Eyes helped us become autonomous in digital marketing and saved us thousands on agency fees.

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